Roblox head of music tells labels and artists: ‘We’re open for business!’
Posted on: 23 juillet 2020, by : Stuart Dredge

“Who in the room knows Roblox?” asked WMG’s chief innovation officer for recorded music Scott Cohen at the NY:LON Connect conference in January.
Only a few people put their hands up in response. “It’s a gaming platform for kids, and they not only play games, they create their own games and play those games with their friends,” continued Cohen.
“The average age there is between eight and 18. The music business is like ‘Holy shit, that’s our audience!’. There’s over 100 million monthly active users on this platform, and almost nobody in this room has ever heard of it? This is where the target audience is… This is where the kids are. Roblox.”
Music Ally has been reporting on Roblox for similar reasons: its announcement in February that it now had 115 million players and a $150m new funding round (the official figure has since grown to 120 million); its in-world livestream of the One World: Together At Home Covid-19 relief concert in April; the launch of AI-powered music-making game Splash in Roblox in May; and a recent study finding that “half of all children aged 9-12 in the USA play Roblox every week, logging over 1.5 billion hours a month on the platform”.
Here’s the latest news, particularly interesting in the light of Cohen’s comments: Roblox has a global head of music. In fact, Jon Vlassopulos has been there since August 2019, quietly working on a music strategy for the company.
His name may be familiar: in the late 1990s he was working at BMG on business development, including its investment in Napster and (ultimately canned) work building a music service that would mix filesharing, music cloud-locker storage, radio and recommendations.
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