Spotify releases Marquee stats including 20% conversion rate
Posted on: 26 juin 2020, by : Eamonn Forde

‘Marquee’ is Spotify’s tool that pops up in its mobile app suggesting that people listen to a new release by an artist that they like. In the US and Canada, it’s currently being beta-tested as a paid advertising slot.
Now Spotify has launched a new web page promoting the feature itself, including some stats on those initial tests. The company is claiming a 20% conversion rate, for example: 20% of Spotify users who see a marquee go on to stream the release it’s promoting within two weeks.
It also cites a study of 30 campaigns to show an “average lift in saved and playlisted tracks” of 2.2x for listeners who saw a marquee. And those saves and playlists pay off, says Spotify: “Our research shows that saves and playlists adds correlate with a 250% increase in streaming of that artist six months later.”
There’s also a case study of how Chicago duo Drama used the marquee feature: 25% of listeners who saw their ad saved or playlisted at least one track from the album, streaming an average of 17 tracks by the group – “much more than the entire album”. 
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