I Heart Songwriting Club interview: ‘There is no ceiling to this!’
Posted on: 10 mars 2020, by : Stuart Dredge

“I was having panic attacks. I was completely anxious and stuck, because I wasn’t doing the thing I wanted to do. I struggled to write songs: I judged every idea as boring and not good enough, and that stopped me writing altogether. Four songs a year was all I could manage at one point…”
Australian musician Francesca de Valence writes a lot more than four songs a year now: she’s currently writing at least one a week. What’s more the online community she founded, I Heart Songwriting Club, is helping more than 700 other songwriters be similarly prolific.
The club began when de Valence, who was a teacher at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, talked to a student and found they had similar levels of anxiety about their songwriting.
“My position as a teacher was to help her. So I said ‘I’m making a songwriting club, and you and I are the first members!’ We each had our homework, to write a song in an hour and then text it to each other for feedback,” she says. “Then we invited two more people, and they ended up inviting more people.”
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