The evolution of labels: ‘What’s your value proposition?’
Posted on: 17 janvier 2020, by : Stuart Dredge

“Labels who call themselves labels? That’s like dinosaur shit to me! It’s what’s your value proposition? What’s my value proposition? Can one plus one equal 10? As long as I can say to somebody that you and I together will be better… 300 is not a label, we’re a platform. We’re an opportunity for people to plug in and power up.”
Kevin Liles, CEO of 300, was on sparkling form in his keynote appearance at NY:LON Connect, the music industry conference that Music Ally co-runs with the Music Business Association (Music Biz), in New York today.
Interviewed on stage by Music Biz president Portia Sabin, Liles was the first half of the conference’s ‘Label Evolution’ track, exploring what labels are becoming, and the other kinds of companies that are edging into their territory.
Liles started by talking about the streaming era not as a format change akin to cassettes, CDs or downloads, but rather as a “consumption change” that brings challenges, but also big opportunities.
“We were in a low-volume, high-margin business, but now we’re in a high-volume, low-margin business,” he said, before stressing that some fundamentals haven’t changed.
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