Day: 29 novembre 2019

Music Declares Emergency campaign gets an Impala award

Too often, still, the climate emergency is seen by even-senior politicians as an opportunity for puerile stunts of political point-scoring – and this at a time when researchers are warning that the planet may already have crossed a series of climate ‘tipping points’, where certain impacts of global heating take on a momentum of their own.
In Music Ally’s domain, though, what has been encouraging in 2019 has been the music industry’s growing engagement with the climate emergency. One of the latest examples being an organisation in the UK called Music Declares Emergency, which has today been given independent body Impala’s ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award.
“This movement seizes the power of the music sector to take action and inspire change. It is important to join forces and to encourage collective action for climate,” said Impala’s executive chair Helen Smith, encouraging artists and music-industry bodies to sign the movement’s declaration, which was first announced in July this year. Among its promises: “We acknowledge the environmental impact of music industry practices and commit to taking urgent action.”
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