Crowdfunding is still effective – and it’s still not begging (guest column)
Posted on: 8 novembre 2019, by : Music Ally

This article is an excerpt from Ari Herstand’s second edition of How to Make It in the New Music Business:
In 2009, I was co-managing one of my favorite Minneapolis bands with my girlfriend. I was actively touring, playing 100+ dates a year myself, so the day-to-day duties were mostly handled by her. The band had built up a loyal grass-roots following and were selling out venues in a five-state region. They were bringing 600 people to their local shows every couple months and were becoming known on the festival circuit.
They were making just enough money to support the five band members’ living expenses while on tour, but had virtually nothing left over to invest. They had the material for their next album, but we didn’t know where we were going to come up with the funds. No matter how we crunched the numbers, no amount of gigging or merch sales was going to bring in the $10,000+ we needed to make the album.
Then one day, through creative Googling, I stumbled upon this new site called Kickstarter. It had just launched a couple months prior, but a Brooklyn-based musician, Allison Weiss, had raised $7,700 from just 200 people through what this new startup called “crowdfunding.”
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