Could OpenAI’s text-generating AI system replace Music Ally?
Posted on: 8 novembre 2019, by : Stuart Dredge

AI firm OpenAI made headlines earlier this year for its GPT-2 text-generating AI system, capable of being given a few sentences and then generating more text based on it. OpenAI declined to release the full system, for fear that it might be used for nefarious purposes (fake news, for example).
However, after months of tests, the company has now released the full version. Its blog post announcing the release outlines some findings so far: that GPT-2 *can* be “fine-tuned for misuse”, for which “detection is challenging” – but that so far “we’ve seen no strong evidence of misuse so far”.
Ever alert to an existential threat to Music Ally’s journalism, we’ve been putting GPT-2 through its paces this morning, using the Talk to Transformer website to feed the system the opening lines of recent news stories that we’ve written, to see what it comes up with to complete the stories.
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