Auxuman launches AI-generated album with five virtual artists
Posted on: 27 septembre 2019, by : Stuart Dredge

Startup Auxuman’s claim to have released ‘the first-ever fully AI-generated music album’ isn’t quite right: Endel has released a string of them in 2019, while Boomy is enabling anyone to release albums created by its AI (I’ve tried that already). Even so, Auxuman’s project is interesting.
The album is called ‘Auxuman Vol.1’ and it features 10 tracks by five ‘artists’ – the twist being that each of those artists is themselves a virtual character. “AI-generated musicians whose music and words are entirely driven by Artificial Intelligence tools to introduce a new ‘soul’ behind non-human content,” as the press release puts it. “The next generation of virtual entertainers and their online worlds”.
Unashamedly-fake artists, in other words: the latest example of ‘synthetic reality’ with Auxuman keen to build out Yona, Mony, Gemini, Hexe and Zoya as personalities in their own right – Yona’s influences are cited as “various reading sources and musical taste, from Atwood to articles about teenage life and growth in metropolitan areas” for example.
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