UMG and WMG execs talk startups and innovation at Sonar+D
Posted on: 22 juillet 2019, by : Ben Cardew

Behind the music industry’s fiercely competitive public face hides a wider spirit of digital collaboration, according to Tuhin Roy, the executive who leads Universal Music’s efforts to support early-stage digital music companies.
Roy was speaking at the Sónar+D conference in Barcelona alongside Warner Music’s Tiago Teixeira Correia, on a panel that gave a rare glimpse into the music industry’s efforts to foster emerging technologies.
Roy said that the music industry has fallen off the radars of many investors, with one of his responsibilities being to lure them back into the fold. “The reason I am at Universal, I went to my now boss Michael Nash [executive vice president, digital strategy at UMG] shortly after he joined the company [in 2015],” Roy said. “I said to Michael: ‘I think the music industry has a problem – there aren’t enough entrepreneurs and business thinkers focused on our space any more.’”
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