OpenAI launches MuseNet, the latest music-generating AI
Posted on: 26 avril 2019, by : Stuart Dredge

Have you heard of OpenAI? It’s a non-profit artificial-intelligence company backed by Tesla founder Elon Musk and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman among others, with a claimed mission to “ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) – by which we mean highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work – benefits all of humanity”.
It made headlines in February when it showed off an AI model capable of writing news stories and fiction so convincingly-human, the company declined to release the research publicly in case the system was misused.
Anyway, keep that ‘benefits all of humanity’ line in mind, because OpenAI is now getting into AI-generated music. “We’ve created Musenet, a deep neural network that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments, and can combine styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles,” announced the company yesterday.
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