Lickd boss says Article 13 issue ‘is not going to go away’
Posted on: 15 avril 2019, by : Stuart Dredge

Europe’s new copyright directive has passed its latest legislative hurdle, winning the approval of the European Union member states, after being voted through by the European Parliament last month.
“With today’s agreement, we are making copyright rules fit for the digital age. Europe will now have clear rules that guarantee fair remuneration for creators, strong rights for users and responsibility for platforms,” said EC president Jean-Claude Juncker. “When it comes to completing Europe’s digital single market, the copyright reform is the missing piece of the puzzle.”
Paul Sampson, CEO of startup Lickd – which has built a service for YouTubers to license commercial music from labels – has been giving his views on the implications of the new legislation, which will now be implemented by the EU member states.
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