Strictly algo-rhythm: AI music is nothing to be scared of
Posted on: 4 avril 2019, by : Stuart Dredge

Mood-music playlists have become a popular part of the streaming ecosystem. Check the growing audiences of Spotify’s ‘Peaceful Piano’ (5.2 million followers), ‘Sleep’ (3.2 million) and ‘Deep Focus’ (3.1 million) playlists, as examples.Artists whose tracks get on to these playlists can get impressive, long-lasting spikes in their stream-counts.
But recent headlines about an artificial-intelligence startup called Endel ‘signing a record deal’ with Warner Music Group raised the prospect of those human artists competing with algorithms for slots on the big properties in the mood-music world.Those headlines were over-egging Endel’s news somewhat: it’s a standard 50/50 distribution agreement rather than a record deal, covering 20 albums that will be released on DSPs during 2019.
With five released so far, Endel has fewer than 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and as yet no high-profile playlist placements. The humans aren’t being overthrown just yet, then.
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