Spotify tests tool for artists to upload their music directly
Posted on: 20 septembre 2018, by : Stuart Dredge

Spotify is testing a tool that will enable independent artists and labels to upload their music directly to the streaming service, without having to go through a distributor.
The company has quietly been testing this tool with a few DIY artists and small labels, but is now opening it up to “a few hundred” US-based artists, via invitations, but with the aim of expanding that to more artists, labels and management teams in the future.
This is separate – but strategically related – to Spotify’s experiments with licensing music directly from artists, which were revealed earlier this year. Unlike those deals, the new direct-upload tool does not involve paying advances to artists. It’s purely a means for them to put their music on Spotify without going through a middleman.
There are significant implications here: for the distributors who currently play that role, including the in-house distribution and label-services divisions of the three major labels; for the artists and independent labels who will get 100% of their royalties under Spotify’s new system; and for rival streaming services who may feel encouraged (or even obliged) to follow suit.
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