Fanbytes on Snapchat marketing: ‘A new form of TV for younger people’
Posted on: 25 juin 2018, by : Music Ally

It may face tough competition from Instagram, but Snapchat remains a vibrant platform for social expression, while the app that kickstarted the ‘stories’ phenomenon continues to be a development ground for new video formats.
No wonder a number of labels and other music companies want to explore its potential as a marketing platform, although many have found Snapchat a tough environment to negotiate, given the ease with which its users can skip ads that they find unengaging.
(Data published by customer-acquisition firm Fluent in February 2017 suggested that 69% of American Snapchat users skip ads always or often, and that this rose to 80% for 18-24 year-olds on the platform.)
One of the firms helping them to tackle this and make best use of the platform is British startup Fanbytes, whose clients include all three major labels as well as streaming service Deezer and Apple Music.
“It’s my fundamental belief that Snapchat is a new form of TV for younger people, and every single person on the platform is actually their own individual broadcaster,” says Fanbytes’ 23 year-old CEO Timothy Armoo.
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