Esports are booming: so how can music brands get involved?
Posted on: 20 juin 2018, by : Stuart Dredge

Whenever Music Ally has to define esports for someone who hasn’t followed the sector, we tend to say it’s ‘competitive gaming with an audience’, citing tournaments using games from League of Legends to FIFA, and the tens of millions of people who watch them online on platforms from Twitch to YouTube.
One thing we’ve picked up this week at the Cannes Lions, though, is a desire – in some quarters of the esports world at least – to reframe it as ‘competitive entertainment’. Not least because that’s something that may help win over some of the brands who haven’t yet explored the space.
(One speaker earlier this week even referred to existing sports like football and baseball as ’t-sports’ – for ‘traditional sports’ – although we’re not sure how serious they were.)
Anyway, there are a growing number of teams, tournaments and professional gamers in the esports world, and a growing number of brands involved. Could music companies join them? This afternoon in Cannes, Music Ally went to a session convened by esports firm ESL titled ‘Telling Your Brand Story Authentically in Esports’ in the hopes of finding out.
On its panel: ESL’s chief marketing officer Rodrigo Samwell; Daimler AG’s manager of fashion sponsoring and product placement Caroline Pilz; and branding agency Superunion’s UK CEO Alex Clegg.
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