China’s music potential: ‘We are finally getting there!’
Posted on: 22 mai 2018, by : Chiara Michieletto

2017 was a big year for the music industry in China: according to the IFPI, last year it was one of the world’s 10 biggest recorded-music markets for the first time.
Excitement around the growth of the music-streaming services run by tech companies like Tencent and NetEase is palpable within the western industry, but a day’s worth of talks and panels at last week’s The Great Escape conference curated by Complete Music Update (CMU) provided more context for that enthusiasm.
The day started with the IFPI’s regional director for Asia, Ang Kwee Tiang (or KT Ang, as he’s often known), providing an excellent overview of what’s been happening in China.
He explained that in 2017, recorded-music revenues in China grew by 35.3% to $292.3m, and that within that, streaming revenues grew by 26.5% to $204.5m.
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