Beggars Group China strategy: ‘We have a real issue with exclusivity’
Posted on: 5 avril 2018, by : Stuart Dredge

“China was my hobby for the best part of 10 years: something which the company allowed me to run as a hobby on the side as long as I wasn’t spending too much money. It was five years before we made any money whatsoever, and 10 years until we felt we had a business…”
Simon Wheeler, director of digital at independent music company Beggars Group, first went to China in 2006 on a trade mission organised by trade group AIM and government body UKTI. The dominant form of digital-music consumption was piracy, but his curiosity was piqued.
“At that time, there was no pressure from the Chinese government in the market for people to behave properly. Effectively it was the Wild West,” he says, of a time when local music services were essentially unlicensed.
“We were going in and doing meetings with people saying ‘How about a licence?’ and they’d just be smiling at you. ‘Why would we want to do a licence? We’ve got your music already…’” he remembers.
“But it was a good learning experience to go and do that. If nothing else, we got to build relationships with all the different players, even though we weren’t able to do business back in those days.”
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