Roxanne de Bastion: ‘What I learned crowdfunding from my own website’
Posted on: 6 mars 2018, by : Stuart Dredge

“You’d be surprised by who’s willing to support your music.”

These were the words of my singer songwriter friend E.W. Harris back in 2010 (insert a thick US Southern drawl for a more accurate quote). He had just financed his new album via a crowdfunding campaign, a concept still alien to me at the time.

Fast forward six years and here in the UK, PledgeMusic has almost become synonymous with crowdfunding, much like a hoover for vacuum cleaners. While I wanted to offer a pre-order to my fanbase with some added extras in order to help cover manufacturing costs for my new album, I was still unsure as to what value a third party platform was actually adding. So, after much deliberation and a little bit of research, I decided to build a crowdfunding page within my own website. I set up a shop using PayPal, creating items specific to the campaign (I wanted to keep it simple – a signed CD, signed Vinyl, test pressings and the option to book me for a living room show), added a little explanatory blurb to the page and, with a little help from a web developer friend (everyone should have one!), created a little status bar to show how much we’d raised.
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