Music journalism: ‘It’s not dying. Actually, it’s changing…’
Posted on: 1 mars 2018, by : Stuart Dredge

There’s been a lot of public worrying about the future for magazine journalism in recent times, with magazines and blogs shutting down, freelance journalists scratching around for work, and tensions around issues like clickbait and sponsored content.
The panel was moderated by Roisin O’Connor from The Independent, and included Tshepo Mokoena from Noisey in the UK; Catherine Davis from Interview Magazine in the US; and Julia Brummert from Intro Magazine in Germany.
“I think we all agree that it’s not dying: actually, it’s changing,” said O’Connor as an introduction. Davis talked about how magazines divided by community: indie, hip-hop, rock’n’roll etc. “It seems to me now, that’s not how your average reader goes about finding what they’re interested in reading about a musician and tastes in music. It seems it would be much more broad rather than going to Spin Magazine because you like indie and rock,” she said.
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