Spotify tests on-demand access to some playlists for free users
Posted on: 15 février 2018, by : Stuart Dredge

“Does Anyone’s Spotify Look Like This?” wrote a plaintive poster on Spotify’s Android support forums a couple of weeks ago, with screenshots showing what appears to be a stripped-down, spacier user interface for the streaming service’s mobile app. This being the internet, the comments on the short thread include “I really do not like it. How can I get my old Spotify back?”, “This is a horrible update” and “I hate it”.
Other threads on Spotify’s support forums – for example here, here and here – have talked about the new ‘three-tab’ UI which is being tested on some Android users, while tech blog Android Police picked up on it a few weeks ago. But Music Ally has also been tipped off by an Android user based in the UK about another test accompanying this which focuses on functionality rather than form.
It concerns a tweak to the way Spotify’s free tier works on mobile: “750 on-demand tracks in 15 constantly changing playlists,” is the way one user described it to us. “Playlists with blue shuffle symbol are still subject to shuffle restriction, but Spotify makes available a lot of its own curated playlists on a fully on-demand basis.” Our source also suggested that many of the people complaining about the new user interface haven’t yet realised that they also have the new on-demand playlists.
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