AI Music reveals its plans for ‘shape-changing songs’
Posted on: 8 août 2017, by : Stuart Dredge

In January this year, Music Ally spotted a new artificial-intelligence music startup pop up on investment site Angellist.
Called AI Music, the London-based firm said it was “evolving music from a static, one-directional interaction to one of dynamic co-creation”, with its CEO Siavash Mahdavi having a background in 3D printing and an engineering doctorate in evolutionary robotics.
We were intrigued, but the company wasn’t quite ready to talk about its plans. Now it is, having been announced in April as one of two AI startups (Vochlea is the other) to be joining the Abbey Road Red incubator at Abbey Road Studios.
“AI has always been something that’s of interest to me. Even when I was 16, I started an AI society at school,” Mahdavi tells Music Ally.
“I’ve always been fascinated by the concept that we could automate, or intelligently do, what humans think is only theirs to do. We always look at creativity as the last bastion of humanity.”
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