The Core Flaw of Blockchain+pdf
Posted on: 14 juin 2017, by : Basile

The truth about blockchain is that at its core, it requires its regime to be enforced on rights owners in order to scale–and that is its essential flaw. Call me a blockchain skeptic. I agree with many of the conclusions reached by Alan Graham in his MusicTechPolicy interview , but I also think that at its core, blockchain as currently contemplated fails as an industry-wide rights registry. Since I understand that its essential purpose is to be a reliable rights registry, it seems obvious to me that blockchain has limited application at best . I spent a good deal of time helping some very smart people build an independent rights registry around 2005 and have thought about these issues for a long time. (All the major labels and many indies participated in that registry.) Based on that experience, I believe that the core value proposition of a rights registry is that it be easy to use; that the information in it be objectively verified and only changed with a proper showing of authority; that it be capable of making or directing the making of royalty payments (which means holding necessary tax information); and that it can be easily and […]

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