25 Predictions About The Future Of Big Data
Posted on: 13 février 2017, by : Basile

25 Predictions About The Future Of Big DataIn the past, I have published on the value of information, big data, advanced analytics and the Abate Information Triangle and have recently been asked to give my humble opinion on the future of Big Data. I have been fortunate to have been on three panels recently at industry conferences which discussed this very question with such industry thought leaders as: Bill Franks (CTO, Teradata), Louis DiModugno (CDAO, AXA US), Zhongcai Zhang, (CAO, NY Community Bank), Dewey Murdick, (CAO, Department Of Homeland Security), Dr. Pamela Bonifay Peele (CAO, UPMC Insurance Services), Dr. Len Usvyat (VP Integrated Care Analytics, FMCNA), Jeffrey Bohn (Chief Science Officer, State Street), Kenneth Viciana (Business Analytics Leader, Equifax) and others. Each brought their unique perspective to the challenges of Big Data and their insights into their “premonitions” as to the future of the field. I would like to surmise their thoughts adding in color to the discussion. Recent Article By Bernard Marr If you haven’t had the opportunity, I believe that a recent article published by Bernard Marr entitled: 17 Predictions About Big Data was a great start (original version posted here ). Many of the industry thought leaders that I mentioned above had hit […]

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