Intellectual property under President Trump
Posted on: 16 novembre 2016, by : Basile

0 President-Elect Trump (photo: Michael Vadon) Donald Trump ran a campaign focused on the creation and retention of jobs in the United States. The President-elect has spoken of taking a strong stance against the exportation of jobs and manufacturing to China in particular. Trump has also been critical of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and promises to oppose it. These policies will undoubtedly have ramifications for IP owners, but Trump and his campaign have said little explicitly about IP. Trump certainly understands the power of a brand, however. He does talk about China a lot. Trump is a great admirer of the Great Wall of China, but is less enamoured of the country’s business practices, especially those that involve the theft of trade secrets from the US. Trump’s published platform focuses on strengthening the US economy, and its only mention of intellectual property is focused on China and job creation: According to the US International Trade Commission, improved protection of America’s intellectual property in China would produce more than 2 million more jobs right here in the United States. [ The Commission On The Theft Of American Intellectual Property , May 2013 ] Trump has been fixated on China as […]

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